No Wires Now is your local connection for Internet, Cell Phone Service, TV Service’s and Home Security System. No Far away call centers. No waiting on the phone pushing buttons. Just local friendly service.

No Wires Now is a family owned and operated business. We have been in the business since 2007.

We specialize in Dish Network, DirecTV, and Century Link Internet, Republic Wireless Cell Phone, Google Nest Security and Star Link Install.

When calling No Wires Now we are on stop shop.  We can give you the best prices and speeds, depending on where you live. Bring in a copy of TV & Internet bills and let us show you how we can save you money.

CenturyLink Internet And Phone Services

CenturyLink high speed internet is now available for $45 a month for life. They offer a high speed internet that speeds up to 140mb. Centurylink is available in most of Oregon.

Why should you call no wires instead of CenturyLink directly?

Here's why:

  • we're gonna provide you with local services

  • no waiting on the phone

  • no calling other country

  • get the fact without having the pressure to bundle other services

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Dish Network Satellite Service

DISH Network has the new 2-year price guarantee. Free installation. Free equipment up to 4 rooms. Free upgrade with the new Hopper 3 Smart DVR system. The world's most powerful DVR built with you in mind.

  • record up to 16 shows at once (never have a recording conflict again )

  • built in 4k ultra hd resolution

  • netflix and youtube built in (no more switching remotes or inputs)

  • watch tv anywhere

  • call us for questions about tailgate

  • dish mover for free

  • offers the pact 12 network along with Redzone

Call us for new pricing and new offers. Call us today and get $50 off your bill.

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DirecTV Satellite Service

What I like about DirectTV is all the sports. NFL Sunday ticket for free- new customer activation.

DirecTV has packages as low as $50 along with the following:

Free DVRs up to 4 rooms, for the 1st year if you have AT&T services you get that price up to 2 years.

DirecTV Whole -Home DVR service lets you record watch and delete programs in any room.

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